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Follow along as Jujutsu Kaisen creators MAPPA reveal what's next in the show, plus Bucchigiri?!, Maboroshi, and more

MAPPA CEO Manubu Ostuka and MAPPA producer Makoto Kimura are announced to be on this panel, and will be in conversation with Crunchyroll's Kyle Cardine talking about their upcoming anime titles

MAPPA in LA 2023
Image credit: MAPPA

The first big panel of Anime Expo looks like it won't disappoint, as two of the lead figures from the iconic anime studio MAPPA are coming to the con to talk the hit series Jujutsu Kaisen, the upcoming anime Bucchigiri?!, and their first original movie Alice to Therese no Maboroshi Kojo - in what the company says is its first face-to-face event outside of Asia. And if you can't make it to California for Anime Expo 2023, we have you covered.

MAPPA CEO Manubu Ostuka and MAPPA producer Makoto Kimura are announced to be on this panel, and they will be in conversation with Crunchyroll's Kyle Cardine talking about their upcoming anime titles.

Popverse's Veronica Valencia will be reporting live from Anime Expo MAPPA Panel in LA, giving you a direct play-by-play on all the major announcements and behind-the-scenes information on the company's hit anime - and what could be MAPPA's next hit anime.

The Anime Expo MAPPA Panel at the Los Angeles Convention Center is scheduled to begin Saturday, July 1 at 6pm EST / 3pm PST, so come back then to follow along live for Popverse's coverage of the event, or come back later to re-read everything that we covered.

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Our live coverage of this event has finished.

Hello from Los Angeles! Veronica Valencia here and We're about ten minutes away from the MAPPA panel in LA at Anime Expo 2023. Who else is ready and excited!?

Veronica Valencia

5 minutes to go!
The room is full!
The lights have gone down it is time!
Kyle Cardine the managing editor of Crunchyrolln News is our host!
We will be talking the second season of jujutsu kaisen and a few original works from MAPPA!
The CEO of MAPPA TAKES the stage!
Makoto Kimura joins the panel as well
on May 21st MAPPA held an event in Tokyo annoucning many titles that we will talk about today
Kimura-san and MAPPA loves seeing the fans at events and loves the energy and they wanted to provide an experience for fans similar to the experience they have at other events which became the MAPPA stage
The crowd goes WILD for discussion of JJK
A clips airs
The clip features Riko, Gojo, and the new opening theme song
Manabu Otsuka-san states they are putting a lot of time and heart along with the producion team inot JJK season 2 and they are continuing on from JJK 0
From the business side, Kimura-san states they receive a lot of comments and knows there are fans and in Japan they hae a lot of simultaeous marketing for their titles and wants to do the same for fans overseas and they are working on that now
Exciting news! They just unveiled a new T-Shirt based on Gojo that glows in the dark
Maboroshi a new project from MAPPA is directed by mari okada
Maboroshi is the official English title and is the first original film from MAPPA
Otsuka-san shares why Mari Okada was chosen to direct. Otsuka-san always wondered what type of film they'd produce and originality is important and is what he was thinking about
Otsuka-san spoke to Mari Okada about what she wanted to work on next and new Maboroshi and its characters was something Otsuka-san wanted to work on with her
Kimura-san wants people to understand what hardships people went through when watching this film
Otsuka-san talks about the main staff and are leading and the quality is high because of leading together but production is tough. They are excited for the last leg of work
Kimura-san talks about music artist miyuki nakajima being very popular in Japan and it seems like a miracle MAPPA was able to work with her on the theme song for this project. Nakajima-san has never done anime but she was shown the script and Nakajima-san was moved by the script and "it's a miracle we got her."
Maboroshi premieres in September of this year
Otsuka-san states MAPPA took a different approach with Maboroshi and the depiction of winter and falling in love and energy behind that emotion is out of this world and Otsuka-san wanted to bring something different
Kimura-san mentions again the movie represents the world now and hopes fans enjoy the film
Bucchigiri is out last project for this pane and is slated for January 2024 release
Y'all I get Toyko Revengers vibes from this trailer
Bucchigiri is a story of delinquents meets arabian nights
Bucchigiri will stream worldwide, except for Japan, on Crunchyroll
Bucchigiri is a different type of delinquent show says Kimrua-san
New images of main characters Arajin Tomoshibi and Matakara Asamine revealed! Matakara has a STRONG JAW!
New images of Mahoro. Kenichiro, and finally Marito who bites wonderfully into some food in the trailer are revealed
The crowd is LOVING Marito because... obviously he's got charisma
Wait... there's a special chant??? That the MAPPA team created just for us?
Kimura-san wants to do a chant with the crowd, a chant that appears in Bucchigiri, it's a call and response
aaawww Otsuka-san and Kimura-san are so happy the crowd really served on that chant
And that's a wrap on the MAPPA panel in LA! Thank you for reading along, and keep your eyes on Popverse as we keep the anime coming for the rest of the long weekend