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Mark Waid on returning to DC and World's Finest

Popverse chats with Mark Waid about what he's working on and what he's looking forward to

Mark Waid
Image credit: Mark Waid

“This is where I was meant to be.”

That’s how Mark Waid describes his experience returning to DC after more than a decade away from the company. With one ongoing series underway – World’s Finest, which launched in March – and the five-issue Batman vs. Robin on deck for September, he’s back in a big way at the company where his writing career began with the shortlived The Comet and Legends of The Shield books, followed (more successfully) by The Flash back in the early '90s.

Beyond a career-defining run on The Flash, books like Kingdom Come, Superman: Birthright, and stints on JLA, The Brave and the Bold and Legion of Super-Heroes (twice!), meant that Waid would forever be associated with DC, even as he moved on to become a mainstay at Marvel – writing Fantastic Four, multiple Avengers titles, The Indestructible Hulk, and the award-winning Daredevil with Chris Samnee – as well as independent work like Irredeemable, The Unknown, and Strange Fruit, and executive roles at Boom! Studios, Archie Comics, and currently Humanoids.

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