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What do Lil Nas X and Martin Scorsese have in common? Their next projects are all about Jesus

You may not think Lil Nas X and Martin Scorsese have a ton in common, but maybe they do

Photo of William Dafoe as Jesus next to Promotional image of Lil Nas X as Jesus
Image credit: Universal, Lil Nas X

Martin Scorsese and Lil Nas X may not, on the surface, have a lot in common. Though the acclaimed director has been reaching the youth a lately through his daughter's viral TikTok channel, there's not a lot of the Gen Z in the eighty-one-year old director's oeuvre, especially compared to the almost Gen Z-centric Lil Nas X. Yet - the director and the musician have one big thing in common - they both have upcoming projects featuring Jesus Christ.

About to enter a hot awards season with his latest feature film (and serious Oscar contender) Killers of the Flower Moon, Scorsese gave the LA Times some details about what he's working on next - a film about Jesus Christ (his second, after 1988's The Last Temptation of Christ). This film will be based on Shūsaku Endō’s book A Life of Jesus and, unlike The Last Temptation of Christ, will be mostly set in the present day.

As for Lil Nas X, the young musician has already gone viral for going from heaven to hell and giving a lap dance to the devil in the music video for his single Montero (Call Me By Your Name). Now, he's released the first image to tease his upcoming single and music video that will release next week. This image features Lil Nas X nailed on the cross. Alongside the image, the artist tweeted, "MY NEW SINGLE IS DEDICATED TO THE MAN WHO HAD THE GREATEST COMEBACK OF ALL TIME!" The song will be titled "J Christ".

For those who are already noticing the backlash online to the promo image for J Christ, Lil Nas X has responded through tweet, "the crazy thing is nowhere in the picture is a mockery of jesus. Jesus’s image is used throughout history in people’s art all over the world."

Lil Nas X is certainly right about that - Jesus' image has been used throughout history in people's art all over the world, and now, we can expect even more.

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