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Marvel announces 2023 Free Comic Book Day titles, teases possible Uncanny Avengers revival

Get ready for some peeks into the future of the Marvel Universe coming next May

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Image credit: Marvel Entertainment

We’re still getting over Halloween 2022, so it only makes sense that it’s time to start thinking about Free Comic Book Day 2023 — or, at least, that seems to be the logic for Marvel, which has announced its four releases for next May’s big event.

As is traditional, Marvel’s primary FCBD offerings are anthology titles offering glimpses of upcoming storylines for the company’s biggest properties — and for the second year in a row, that means an Avengers/X-Men issue, and a Spider-Man/Venom issue.

According to the publisher, Free Comic Book Day 2023: Avengers/X-Men #1 will feature two all-new stories created especially for the issue previewing the upcoming X-Men storyline 'Fall of X,' as well as the introduction of “an uncanny new line-up for a new team book launching next year.” That’s not all; it’ll also feature a preview of the mystery Jonathan Hickman/Valerio Schiti collaboration that’s been teased at this year’s conventions.

(For those curious about the “uncanny new line-up”, look at the cover art for the issue below; it definitely looks like Marvel’s getting ready to relaunch Uncanny Avengers again…)

Free Comic Book Day 2023: Spider-Man/Venom #1, meanwhile, will similarly offer new material that catches readers up with what’s been happening in the current Amazing Spider-Man and Venom titles, while laying the groundwork for the next big crossover event, Summer of Symbioses. Additionally, there is going to be what Marvel is describing as “a preview of [a] new Marvel epic just on the horizon,” although no further details were offered.

Beyond these two flagship titles, Marvel will also be offering Free Comic Book Day 2023: Marvel’s Voices #1, reprinting stories from past Marvel’s Voices special issues alongside a brand-new story created entirely for this collection, as well as Free Comic Book Day 2023: Spidey and his Amazing Friends #1, aimed at fans of the Disney Junior show and filled with activity pages in addition to comic book material.

Free Comic Book Day 2023 lands on May 6. Expect more publishers to start announcing their own releases for the event in the coming weeks.

Last year’s Spider-Man/Venom issue teased Dark Web, the crossover event that launches this month.

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