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AXE: Judgment Day writer Kieron Gillen teases the battle ahead in Marvel Comics' premiere 2022 event

Marvel Comics' Kieron Gillen on Judgment Day, Eternals, and what creator owned comics taught him about writing a crossover

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This summer, writer Kieron Gillen will launch his first-ever Marvel Comics event series with AXE: Judgment Day with artist Valerio Schiti, an epic clash that will feature the Eternals bringing the fight to the X-Men, and the Avengers caught in the middle of it all.

We've already heard from Gillen about the stakes of the event, what's coming up in the Eve of Judgment prelude issue, and more, but the creator behind books like Eternals and The Wicked + The Divine also had much more to say about crafting the massive crossover. So, here's out full, extended interview with Gillen, talking everything from his favorite event books to working with artist Valerio Schiti to what creator owned comics taught him about writing superhero events.

Popverse: Obviously you've been back doing Eternals for a while, but some of the stuff you're dealing with with this story, particularly in the Free Comic Book Day prologue, ties back to stuff that Jason Aaron was doing with the Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C. and things like that. Where does Judgment Day begin for you in terms of where the idea came from and how early on you started developing it?

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