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Marvel Comics wants to have fun and forward-thinking stories again, according to the man in charge

Marvel publisher Dan Buckley reveals a return to a classic House of Ideas way of creating comics

Image credit: Mike Del Mundo (Marvel Comics)

Remember fun? Marvel publisher Dan Buckley does, and thinks his company’s comics have been missing that - and he wants it back.

When he says ‘fun,’ Buckley isn’t arguing for strictly light-hearted stories and a lack of darker stories; he wants to re-establish the connection Marvel has had from time-to-time with fans for the characters and the creators who bring them to life.

“We need to convey the fun that Stan and so many other creators and editors in this industry since have projected, because it is infectious,” Buckley said recently in his keynote speech for the closed-door ComicsPRO conference, and laid out what he means by "fun" - starting with getting the creators more involved..

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