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Marvel's Infinity Paws might be the best announcement of NYCC 2024

What is it? It's Infinity Paws, and that's all you need to sell it

Infinity Paws
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Jason Loo has created a fun little niche for himself when it comes to Marvel Unlimited: he’s the guy who writes the cute and funny animal comics, having written both Marvel Meow and Pizza Dog and Cosmo The Spacedog. It’s a tradition he’s proudly upholding with his next project for the streaming service, announced during today’s Marvel panel at New York Comic Con 2023. After an Infinity Gauntlet, an Infinity War, and an Infinity Crusade, what else could anyone expect but… Infinity Paws.

Yes, Infinity Paws. Because, really, why not?

Infinity Paws comes to Marvel Spring 2024Watch on YouTube

The series won’t be arriving on Marvel Unlimited anytime soon; the announcement, which was accompanied by a promotional image and trailer, isn’t going to be launching until Spring 2024, with Marvel holding off on any specific detail about the project until closer to launch, but we know three things: a title, a creative team — in addition to Jason Loo, art and color will be provided by Nao Fuji, who’s become a fan favorite because of his Marvel Meow Infinity Comic series — and the fact that it is going to be almost impossibly cute. I mean, have you seen Fuji’s Marvel Meow art? Did you not read the title of the comic? There is no way this won’t be the cutest Marvel title since Giant-Size Meet-Cute. (Please note, that was never a real Marvel book, but it should be; Marvel, give me a call.)

The title will be a crossover of the Marvel Unlimited animal stories. So you can expect it to be pretty epic.

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