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Big Marvel: All 27 of Skottie Young's summer variant covers (and a huge poster to boot!)

Skottie Young is known for making little versions of Marvel's greatest characters, but now he's going 'big.'

Big Marvel poster
Image credit: Skottie Young (Marvel Comics)

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Skottie Young has drawn comics based on greats such as Frank L. Baum and Neil Gaiman, but he will forever be remembered most among comics fans for his work with Marvel. And as revealed in Marvel's new June 2024 solicitations, he's returning for a Big Marvel project.

Literally, a 'Big Marvel' project.

The I Hate Fairyland creator has signed on to draw 27 original pieces of Marvel art for a series of variant covers to criss-cross the Marvel Comics line in the month of June 2024. Marvel is doubling-down on these, by offering a standard inked, colored, and lettered version of the cover as well as a version just of Young's sketches on their own, in black & white.

Take a look at 'em all:

The 'Big Marvel' Skottie Young variant cover checklist

Big Marvel poster
Image credit: Skottie Young (Marvel Comics)

If you're a fan of Skottie Young (such as my fellow fans in the Skottie Young Art Appreciation group on Facebook!), you're probably wanting details on when and how you can collect them all. Well, here's a complete list of the variants with release dates:

  • June 5: Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance #4
  • June 5: Carnage #8
  • June 5: Wolverine: Blood Hunt #1 (of 4)
  • June 5: Venom #34
  • June 5: Amazing Spider-Man #51
  • June 5: X-Men #35 (Legacy #700)
  • June 12: X-Men: Blood Hunt - Jubilee #1
  • June 12: Miles Morales: Spider-Man #21
  • June 12: Avengers #15
  • June 12: Fantastic Four #21
  • June 12: Doctor Strange #16
  • June 12: Spider-Boy #8
  • June 12: Incredible Hulk #13
  • June 12: Vengeance of the Moon Knight #6
  • June 12: Scarlet Witch #1
  • June 19: Amazing Spider-Man #52
  • June 19: Invincible Iron Man #19
  • June 19: Spider-Gwen: The Ghost Spider #3
  • June 19: Immortal Thor #12
  • June 19: Captain Marvel #9
  • June 19: Captain America #10
  • June 26: Midnight Sons: Blood Hunt #2 (of 3)
  • June 26: Thanos Annual #1
  • June 26: X-Men '97 #4 (of 4)
  • June 26: Jackpot and Black Cat #4 (of 4)
  • June 26: Black Widow & Hawkeye #4 (of 4)
  • June 26: Daredevil #10

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