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X-Men: Designer Tom Muller pulls back the curtain on his memorable logo redesign

“That big X can be anything you want” Muller says

Image credit: Tom Muller (Marvel)

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Award-winning designer and creative director Tom Muller has made his mark in the comic book industry in subtle, albeit incredibly important, ways. Building off his thesis of 'Designing fiction & branding stories,' Muller is arguably the most popular designer in superhero comics in modern times - with his redefinition of Marvel's X-Men as part of Jonathan Hickman's overall run the centerpiece to that acclaim.

Popverse’s Ashley V. Robinson recently caught up with Tom Muller to learn about his approach to such a unique part of the comic book industry and uncover just what in this world inspired Tom Muller to create that new X-Men logo.

“That big X can be anything you want” Muller shares with Popverse, “And I think that the main thing that we had to keep in mind - that I had to keep in mind - was that we needed to have a mark that was still recognizably 'X-Men'.”

Here is our full 41-minute interview with Tom Muller:

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