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Poll: Who should play Fantastic Four's Reed Richards in the MCU?

There are plenty of rumors out there right now, but who do you want to take on the MCU Mister Fantastic

Fantastic Four Council of Reeds
Image credit: Marvel

Who is Mister Fantastic?

There have been a lot of rumors flying around recently about the actor Marvel Studios is looking at to play Reed Richards in its upcoming Fantastic Four movie, with both Adam Driver and Matt Smith being named by people claiming to have insider knowledge as having been offered the part. (For those keeping track of said rumors, which I hasten to add are entirely unverified by anyone with anyone with an official connection to Marvel: Driver allegedly turned the role down, while Smith accepted — but again, these are rumors with no official confirmation whatsoever.)

While it’s always tempting to believe the rumors, we’re unlikely to have any official word on who’s playing the pliable leader of the FF anytime soon… but it’s worth asking: who would you want to take on the role? In the past, we’ve seen both Miles Teller and Ioan Gruffudd take on the elasticated hero — as well as voice actors Gerald Mohr, Mike Road, Beau Weaver, Cam Clarke, Hiro Kanagawa, James Marsters, Dee Bradley Baker, and Robin Atkin. Thanks to multiverses shenanigans, we’ve also seen John Krasinski as Reed Richards, in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness…! Do any of them offer guidance as to what you want from your resident genius and inventor of Unstable Molecules?

We want to hear from you: who’s your choice for the MCU’s Reed Richards? We’ve created a poll with some of the potential offers below to let us know, and left an option for a wildcard pick of your own that you can leave in the comments at the end of this post. Vote early, vote often! Who knows: maybe you can help shape the future of the MCU for the next few years.

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