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Odin has a surprise child in Marvel's Thor, and all the kids are in fear (someone call Maury Povich!)

In the Immortal Thor #11, out this May, readers will meet a fearsome, and as of yet unknown, child of the All-Father

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Family reunions in Valhalla have to be awkward affairs.

That's certainly going to be the case after this May, when The Immortal Thor #11 changes the dynamic of Asgard forever... by introducing an all new child of Odin into the mix. Here's what Marvel had to say in a solicit released today:

"Tyr had vanished, and there were whispers of cosmic forces at work. And so, the children of Odin gathered in their father's name – to search for one of their own [...] Regal Thor, fierce Angela, brave Balder, swift Hermod, quiet Honir, strong Vidar, cunning Loki, even Laussa the youngest, all were there...and another beside. Another, whose name they feared."

Written by Al Ewing with art by Martín Cóccolo and covers by Alex Ross, The Immortal Thor has been a comic challenging just about every aspect of the God of Thunder, but up until now, at least we knew about his whole family. With a new sibling in the pack, things are certain to change, and if the tone of the solicit is to be believed, they might be changing for the worse.

At the very least, Thor will certainly have to deal with a lot of awkward pauses at the next barbecue.

Here's some of the covers to the issue:

The Immortal Thor #11 hits comic stores and digital platforms everywhere on May 22, 2024. For now, check out the cover by Alex Ross and one variant by Arthur Adams below.

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