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Marvel rushes What If...? comics collection back into stores ahead of Disney+ season 2 premiere

Imagine Aunt May bit by a radioactive spider, then read how Marvel thinks it would've played out

What If...?
Image credit: Marvel Studios

You'd think if a TV show or a movie was made based on a book (or even a comic book), it would help the sales of that original source material.

Turns out, you're right.

Image credit: Herb Trimpe (Marvel Comics)

After the success of Marvel Studios' What If...? season 1 - and ahead of the show's imminent return for a second season, beginning December 22 - Marvel has informed retailers that, yes, they noticed that the second and third volumes of the original comic's collected editions - What If? Classic: The Complete Collection - are sold out and there's increased demand, so new copies are on its way - in much the same way the heroes returned in Avengers: Endgame.

Originally printed back in late 2019 and 2020 (These versions at least), What If? Classic: The Complete Collection collects the alt-universe Marvel Comics stories from the original '70s and '80s series in nice beefy bookshelf editions.

And while Marvel Studios' What If...? has yet to do a straight-up adaptation of a specific story from these What If...? comics, there's always time. Look at what you can read about:

  • What if Spider-Man stopped the burglar before sweet ol' Uncle Ben was killed?
  • What if Dr. Strange became a student of Dormammu instead of the Ancient One?
  • What if Doctor Doom became a hero?
  • And what if the radioactive spider that bit Spider-Man instead bit Aunt May?

Oh boy.

What If? Classic: The Complete Collection Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 are on a race to get to your local bookstores by December 22 when the new season of Disney+'s What If...? begins.

What if you read the best Marvel Comics stories of all time? You can!

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