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Marvel Signature makes cover art from Black Panther, Amazing Spider-Man and more available as prints

The new collaboration between Marvel and Essential Sequential transforms covers into art prints

Black Panther #1 cover
Image credit: Marvel Entertainment

Marvel fans who wished that they could display their love a little more prominently have something to look forward to, with the announcement that Marvel Entertainment is partnering with Essential Sequential to create a line of high-quality art prints featuring iconic images of the company’s characters under the banner Marvel Signature.

The intent of the line is to offer collectors and fans the opportunity to buy prints, lithographs, and posters of existing Marvel images across a series of sizes and prices. According to the official announcement, the program is only open to artists who have been published by Marvel.

The initial Marvel Signature line will feature:

More information about the Marvel Signature line can be found here. Essential Sequential will be promoting the new line at multiple conventions throughout 2023, including next week’s Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington.

The Marvel Signature launch follows 2000 AD launching its own line of prints based on cover artwork earlier this year, with the cover for each of the weekly 2000 AD progs and additional monthly Judge Dredd Megazine covers being available as high quality prints. Is 2023 the year of transforming covers into wall coverings? All that’s required for it to become an official trend is one more company getting in on the act…

Marvel’s promotion of artists doesn’t end with offering art prints; there’s also its Stormbreakers program, promoting a group of artists for a 12-month period across its entire line.