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Marvel re-signs Dan Slott to exclusive deal - 20 years and running

The most prolific Spider-Man author ever is sticking with Marvel

Tom Holland and Dan Slott
Image credit: Marvel Entertainment

Dan Slott and Marvel have decided to renew their vows.

No, not marriage - their working vows.

As announced at LA Comic Con's Spider-Man: Gang War panel, Slott has re-signed his 'exclusive' deal with Marvel Comics for another few years. The exact length of the deal is unknown, but it should include more issues of his current Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Boy series - as well as, presumably more.

"I'm very grateful to be part of Team Marvel and hope to keep earning my keep with them for years to come!" Slott says.

According to SLott, his 2022 ook Spider-Man #1 was the the company's best selling comic (in units) for the entire year - and the recent SPider-Boy #1 is on track to be the same for 2023.

Slott, who began working at Marvel in the early '90s as an intern, bounced around Marvel and DC for a decade on kids' comics before 2003's Arkham Asylum: Living Hell miniseries with Ryan Sook led to him being cast in a new light outside of just kids comics. Slott returned to Marvel in 2004, signing the first of what would be several 'exclusive' deals that paved the way for his historic run on Amazing Spider-Man, his redefining work on She-Hulk, helping revive the one-off character Squirrel Girl and helped conceive the idea of a 'Spider-Verse' - first in video games, and then back in comics, which ended up turning into movies, cartoons, and more.

Slott is the co-creator of popular characters Spider-Punk, Silk, Spider-Boy, Jackpot, and Mister Negative, as well as the Flash Thompson version of Venom and the internet-breaking Superior Spider-Man.

And while this is described as an 'exclusive' deal, these 'exclusive' deals at Marvel and DC aren't truly exclusive - it's just that they're prevented from working with their chief competitor (Marvel and DC, DC and Marvel), and that they are contracted to provide a minimum amount of work per year at, usually, a higher rate than if they were not under this deal.

Outside of Slott's 'exclusive' deal, he is currently writing the Doctor Who comic book series for Titan Comics.