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Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney are ending their relationship with shirt company TeeTurtle

For many the people behind their favorite Marvel, Disney, or Star Wars shirts is going to stop doing it.

Deadpool TeeTurtle
Image credit: TeeTurtle/Marvel Entertainment

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If you've been to a convention of any size, you've seen a big t-shirt vendor carrying a variety of officially licensed T-Shirts, plushies, and other accessories. In many cases, that's the Baltimore-based company TeeTurtle - but now we've learned that they will so no longer be working with Disney, or their sub-brands, Marvel and Star Wars.

As learned here on the floor of Chicago's C2E2 2024 from one of the booth's staff (and later confirmed through official channels), TeeTurtle will no longer be selling original Marvel, Star Wars, or Disney shirts and other accessories as of June 18, 2024. There's no word on the reasoning behind the change, but it feels similiar to when Disney ended its Star Wars licensing relationship with Dark Horse several years ago - although, in that particular case, it did return to them years later.

So what does this mean for fans? Well, TeeTurtle are beginning to to cut the prices on their existing stock of Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars shirts both at their conventions, as well as on their website to clear stock ahead of the June cut-off date - which is good for those looking for potential bargains while adding to their wardrobe for the summer months.

Speaking as someone with more than a few TeeTurtle shirts in my (and my wife's) closet, it is the end of an era.

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