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Marvel's Tom Brevoort teases a new mission that has his head "whirling with ideas and concepts"

Something is afoot in the House of Ideas

Tom Brevoort still image from video
Image credit: Marvel

Changes are afoot at Marvel — and they involve executive editor Tom Brevoort, it would appear.

This weekend, Brevoort teased a future announcement in the latest installment of his (highly recommended) newsletter Man With A Hat. Writing about Marvel president Dan Buckley, Brevoort shared, “I wound up having a meeting with Dan this week, one in which he told me he was going to ask me to do something that I wasn’t going to want to do, and then proceeded through a combination of need, flattery, genuine admiration, duty and responsibility to get me to agree to take on the specific mission that he was hoping to entice me into. Seriously, I know something about pitching an idea to people, and this was like watching a world class hurler throw a perfect game.”

Quite what this mission is, Brevoort wasn’t sharing (yet): “There’ll be more to come in the days ahead, likely sooner rather than later as I begin the process of constructing my machine and getting things moving,” he teased, before apologizing for being so mysterious and adding, “I wanted to share at least the moment of it while it still feels a bit electrifying.”

He did share this, though: “We’re not ready yet to say anything more about what this is or what’s coming next, but it’s all pretty exciting. It’s been keeping my brain whirling with ideas and concepts enough to where it’s disrupting my sleep cycle in a big way, which had better calm down soon or I’m not going to be in any shape to carry out the mission.”

Marvel has been known to be in some state of flux, following March reports that Disney considered Marvel Entertainment “redundant”; Marvel Entertainment had previously consisted of every element of Marvel outside of Marvel Studios. In the wake of the March decision, Popverse understands that Marvel Studios has essentially taken Marvel’s publishing side on essentially intact, even as other areas of the company face layoffs — including its podcast division, which saw its workforce cut by half last week, something Marvel has confirmed to Popverse.

So, where exactly is Brevoort headed next? That’s still somewhat of a mystery; the company has demonstrated a willingness to push successful publishing and editorial figures into entirely separate areas of the company in the past — Steve Wacker moved from a senior editorial position to head up Marvel’s animation department in 2013, for example — so it’s not guaranteed that Brevoort is even staying in publishing for his new gig. If that’s the case, it’ll mark the end of an editorial career that started all the way back in 1989, when Brevoort initially joined Marvel as a college intern; he would later go on to become an assistant editor and, later, a full editor, before taking on the position of executive editor in 2007. He was, at least until August 1, 2023, Marvel’s longest-serving editor. Now…? Well, that remains to be seen.

Marvel has not responded to a request for comment on this story.

Back in March, we worried that Marvel as we knew it might end because of Disney’s comments about it being redundant.