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Marvel aims to have more solo X-Men books than ever before in next few years

More X-Men books than ever, and more solo X-Men books than ever it seems

X-Men #30 variant cover
Image credit: Russell Dauterman (Marvel Comics)

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Who is your favorite solo X-Men character? They might be getting a solo series in the near future - or, at least, the chances are higher than ever before, even for you ride-or-die Rockslide fans.

Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort, who is in charge of the upcoming X-Men linewide revamp From The Ashes, has stated that the plan is to do more solo X-Men books than ever before.

"The X-Line has a huge diversity of characters, many of whom, I believe, should be able to headline a series," says Brevoort on his Substack. "It’s all inevitably going to come down to how well stuff sells, of course, but I think i can confidently say that you’ll be seeing a lot more solo titles beyond Storm and Phoenix in the new X-Line moving forward — certainly more than have been historically attempted."

In a later edition, Brevoort elaborates on this in response to a fan who asks about the decision-making on which characters will get solo books.

"This is going to sound a little bit arrogant or self-aggrandizing I’m sure, Joe — but I’m going to decide," says Brevoort on Substack in response to a reader question. "And it’ll be based on a number of factors, including which characters seem to have the best chance of selling a solo project, what creators want to tell stories about what characters, and what ideas for approaches for solo concepts come up, whether from me and the other X-Editors or else the talent pool as a whole."

Brevoort goes on to state that team books within X-Men can get bland, from his option.

"... past a certain point a lot of the X-Team books have started to feel a bit like five random mutant characters who happened to be standing near one another thrown together as a team," says Brevoort.

Popverse's top stories of the day