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Marvel's X-Men: What the company's seismic changes say about the Krakoan era

The X-Men have a new leader. No, Professor X isn't leaving. We're talking about behind the scenes.

Fall of X
Image credit: Bryan Hitch (Marvel Comics)

The X-Men have a new leader. No, Professor X isn't leaving. We're talking about behind the scenes, as long-time Avengers editor/shepherd Tom Brevoort is taking over the X-Men books.

While some on social media have already lamented this news as an inference that the 'Krakoan era' of the X-Men comics ending as a result, realistically the end was coming after the era's creator Jonathan Hickman left the franchise over a disagreement with Marvel. Although Marvel and various creators continued on his stories (and their stories since), they themselves seem to be closing the door on this era with the highly-promoted 'Fall of X' storyline.

"... current X-guru Jordan White and his team have a massive story that they’re in the middle of and that won’t run its course for a long while," Brevoort writes on his personal Facebook. "What I do will grow directly out of what they’re doing—provided they leave me anything to work with. Did you read that HELLFIRE GALA book? Cripes!"

Jordan D. White
Image credit: Jordan D. White

There are several key questions coming out of this news. While most eyes are looking at the future of the X-Men under Brevoort's guidance as it comes into effect in 2024 and beyond, there's also looking at what major project Marvel senior editor Jordan D. White takes on.

White is coming off of two herculean efforts - remember, he took point in launching Marvel Comics' Star Wars line in 2015 to immense success, and then was moved into Marvel's core continuity in 2018 to take the X-Men into what became the Krakoan era beginning with 2019's House of X / Powers of X with writer Jonathan Hickman.

Unless White has an Marvel exit strategy in mind, he could be preparing to segue into the vacant chair Brevoort is leaving as Avengers' lead editor. He's already collaborating heavily with the line due to the deep ties between the X-Men and Iron Man books these days, and he is seemingly one of Brevoort (with his VP of Publishing hat)'s most trusted leaders.

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