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Marvel's Bishop to lead all new X-Men student squad in War College

Jessica Jones TV writer J. Holtham teams with Sean Damien Hill for Bishop: War College

Marauders cover
Image credit: Marvel Comics

The time-traveling mutant cop Bishop has a new job among the Marvel mutant nation of Krakoa: teacher.

In the upcoming series Bishop: War College, Lucas Bishop will be leading a new set of students distinct from New Mutants and other groupings, with the objective of, according to Marvel, "get strong. Defend the island. Keep mutantkind safe."

The student body of Bishop: War College is described by Marvel as an "all-Black X-Men team" comprised or Armor, Surge, Cam Long, Aura Charles, and Amass. That line-up makes us question the "all-black" tag on it, due to some like Armor (Hisako Ichiki) being previously established to be of Japanese descent.

Scheduled to debut in February 2023, Bishop: War College is a five-issue series written by J. Holtman Netflix's Jessica Jones, Freeform's Cloak & Dagger) with artist Sean Damien Hill. Ken Lashley is listed as drawing the primary cover for the first issue, however no art has been provided for the series to date.

"The X-Men like you've never seen then before! Krakoa is an island paradise, and it’s a vulnerable one…but not with Lucas Bishop on the case!" reads Marvel's description of the first issue. "Armor, Surge, Cam Long, Aura Charles, Amass – these are his students. Their course objective: Get strong. Defend the island. Keep Mutantkind safe. Their first lesson: HOW TO FAIL. And they’ll do it in spectacular Marvel fashion. What does any of that have to do with an all-Black X-Men team? WHAT EVEN IS THIS BOOK? Guess you’ll have to read it, True Believer."

Bishop: War College #1 (of 5) debuts February 2023.

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