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Marvel's X-Men: From the Ashes era starts early with not just one, but TWO, comics out now (which might not be good news for Cyclops and Jean Grey)

The first From the Ashes era X-Men comic is a digital series that is available right now

X-Men From The Ashes Infinity Comic #1
Image credit: Marvel

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Although it officially doesn’t begin until July, Marvel’s X-Men: From the Ashes era begins today with the release of not just the first, but the first two comics to officially be part of the new mutant regime. Most comic book fans already know that there’s a special prologue to the new generation of X-Men comics in X-Men #35 (which is also Uncanny X-Men #700; don’t ask), but June 5 also sees the launch of what is actually the very first new X-Men series of the reboot: the digital-only X-Men: From the Ashes Infinity Comic #1.

Available on Marvel Unlimited, the subscription service that features digital editions of the majority of Marvel’s regular comic book outputnot everything, however, as any mature readers material is purposefully left offline — as well as exclusive new material, X-Men: From the Ashes Infinity Comic #1 is written by Alex Paknadel, with art by Diogenes Neves and colorist Arthur Hesli, and focuses on what is likely the primary pairing of the X-Men: Cyclops and Phoenix, who find themselves unable to settle into what should be downtime after the fall of Krakoa for… reasons. (No spoilers just yet.)

Marvel’s official description of the issue reads, “Cyclops may be the inheritor of Xavier’s dream, but Phoenix is fire and life incarnate! Where and when can this super-powered couple take some time for themselves? What does it mean for their future together? And what deadly force threatens their relationship?” At least one of those answers is… almost answered in the first installment of the storyline, which will continue throughout future issues of the weekly series.

X-Men From The Ashes
Image credit: Diogenes Neves/Marvel

Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort, who’s overseeing the X-Men: From the Ashes relaunch as a whole, wrote on his Substack this weekend that “the stories that we’re going to be doing in this venue are going to be essential parts of the full mutant picture,” urging fans who hadn’t been reading the earlier X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic series to check it out. “If you’ve been holding out,” he wrote, “now’s your chance to get on board.”

For those keeping track of continuity, X-Men #35 comes before X-Men: From the Ashes Infinity Comic #1 — and we’re not quite sure where the X-Men story from May’s Blood Hunt #1 Free Comic Book Day Special lies, but we’d expect it’s happening at some point after both of these tales…

The first “official” X-Men: From the Ashes print release is July 10’s X-Men #1. Keep track of all the From the Ashes details right here, and check out our thoughts on the just-completed Krakoa era here.

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