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How to get a McDonald's Boo Bucket

Boo Buckets are back, baby.

Boo Bucket promo image
Image credit: McDonalds

Yes, the coveted McDonalds Boo Buckets have returned once again. A longtime fan favorite, the Boo Buckets had been on a multiyear hiatus until McDonalds brought them back last year, to many people's excitement.

We're just as excited to nab Boo Buckets this year, but if you want to get your hands on a Boo Bucket, you're going to have to move fast cause they're only being sold until Halloween.

How do I get a Boo Bucket?

The traditional way to get a Boo Bucket is to buy a Happy Meal at McDonalds. Boo Buckets count as the toy in the current McDonalds Happy Meals. So instead of some small plush or action figure, you're getting a cute retro bucket that you can use to trick-or-treat!

But let's say you don't want the nosh that comes along with a Happy Meal. You needn't worry; Happy Meal toys can also be purchased separately at McDonalds, so just ask your cashier if you can buy a Boo Bucket on it's own!

How many different Boo Buckets are there?

There are four different Boo Buckets you can get, each with a unique character and color. The green bucket will be Monster, the white will feature Mummy, the orange bucket showcases Skeleton, and the purple bucket features the return of Vampire.

As for how you can get all four, it kind of depends on how nice your local McDonalds cashier is (and if they've sold out of any color). Sometimes, if you ask nicely, they'll let you choose! But don't be rude if they don't, each store may have its own policy.

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