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There's a classic McDonalds birthday party being thrown for a comic publisher: WEBTOON

Will there be one of those huge McDonald's birthday houses as well? We can only hope.

Image credit: McDonald's

We've all been to birthday parties, but have you been to a McDonald's birthday party? Wait, let me rephrase: a classic McDonald's birthday party?

Well, your nostalgia is going to be on overdrive, as you have just been formally invited to a official, classic McDonald's birthday party being thrown by the restauranteur for the digital comics publisher WEBTOON, who is celebrating their 9th birthday (in the US that is).

Make no mistake, WEBTOON and McDonald's are promising full nostalgia, with an "interactive booth [which] will immerse fans into a nostalgic slice-of-life meetup scene that will make fans feel like they are having a birthday party with their favorite WEBTOON characters."

The McDonald's birthday party for WEBTOON is scheduled to take place all four days of this year's Anime Expo - July 1 - 4, 2023 - in Los Angeles. Popverse's Tiffany Babb and Veronica Valencia will be there - perhaps we'll stop by and help WEBTOON celebrate (and get some of those fries?).

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