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Yes, we filmed the McElroy family's NYCC 2023 panels!

Be there from anywhere with Popverse's convention panel livestreams.

McElroy family
Image credit: McElroy family

The McElroy family was at New York Comic Con this year. But if you didn't make it, no worries - Popverse filmed two of their panels.

The boys led a panel on Thursday, October 12 titled 'The Adventure Zone LIVE!' and then one on Friday, October 13 called 'My Brother, My Brother and Me LIVE!'. Expect the TAZ LIVE! panel to have these preeminent role playing game experts giving a masterclass in strategy and gameplay. For MBMBAM LIVE!, whether you've got a sticky situation you need some help with or just want to soak up the aura of the brothers wise words, this is the place to be.

Both of these were separately-ticketed - meaning you needed a ticket to that day of the convention and a ticket to these specific panels.

But you can also watch the panels on VOD here at Popverse. You'll be able to do so with a paid Popverse membership, or with a special streaming ticket option that'll be coming soon.

Stay tuned for details on other NYCC 2023 panels we filmed.

The McElroys visited us before - watch their complete C2E2 2022 panels Next Gen Nerds and Adventure Zone panels now.