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Metallic Rouge: Everything you need to know about your new favorite anime, according to the creators

In a roundtable interview with Popverse at Anime NYC, the creators of Metallic Rouge hyped their upcoming original anime series

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For twenty five years, one of the premier anime studios in Japan has been BONES, the studio behind such enormously popular and highly influential anime as Fullmetal Alchemist, My Hero Academia, and Mob Psycho 100. BONES isn’t slowing down, poised to launch the new mecha anime series Metallic Rouge in January 2024, with international streaming available through Crunchyroll. Packed with themes of existence and identity, with plenty of fiery, hi-octane battles, Metallic Rouge is ready to become the biggest anime debut of 2024 and continue BONES’ legacy for another 20 years.

An original property, not based on an existing manga or game, Metallic Rouge is set in a future where humanity has colonized and terraformed Mars, with androids obediently servicing people around the planet. The story follows an android girl named Rouge and her new friend Naomi as they contend with nine artificial humans who have their own malevolent plans for humanity and its future on Mars. This leads to epic battles between mechas, with Rouge possessing an awesome transformation that allows her to tap into her full potential and save the day.

In a roundtable interview at Anime NYC 2023 attended by Popverse, BONES President and Metallic Rouge producer Masahiko Minami, supervising director and series composition writer Yutaka Izubuchi, and music composer Taisei Iwasaki talked about the haunting tech noir aesthetic that brings the series to atmospheric life, the musical composition choices behind Metallic Rouge, and what fans can expect when Metallic Rouge premieres on Crunchyroll this January.

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