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Watch horror director/writer Mike Flanagan and actor Kate Siegel's full conversation with Popverse

From Hush to Hill House, Midnight Mass to Midnight Club, these experts in the eerie made for one hell of a conversation

Mike Flanagan, Ashley V. Robinson, and Kate Siegel
Image credit: Popverse

Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel are like a real-life Gomez and Morticia Addams - a power couple that's led generations of weirdos into the horror genre. Unlike those creepy and kooky characters, though, Mike and Kate can actually interact with fans.

In fact, the pair were recently in Seattle to talk about the Flanaverse, the name that Emerald City Comic Con gave the movies and shows that the pair worked on, including the Netflix 'Haunting' series.

If you weren't able to make it, though, don't be afraid. Well, don't be afraid of missing it. Popverse filmed the panel, and all paid Poperse members can now watch the full panel video - as part of a broader rollout of over a dozen new panels from ECCC 2024 in addition to the livestreamed ECCC 2024 Main Stage panels.

Here is the Flanaverse panel with Mike Flanagan, Kate Siegel, and Popverse Video Producer Ashley V. Robinson, filmed live at Emerald City Comic Con 2024 in Seattle, Washington:

Enter the Flanaverse: How to watch Mike Flanagan’s films.

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Ashley V. Robinson

Ashley V. Robinson: Ashley Victoria Robinson is a Canadian hobbit now living in the United States. She is a Popverse Video Producer. You may know her as the host of the Geek History Lesson podcast (alongside Jason Inman), and was even the face of Twitter marketing for podcasters.


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