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Mike Mignola is drawing a new comic book (and it's not Hellboy)

It's not Hellboy, but it is big, apparently...

Mignola Secret Project
Image credit: Mike Mignola

Mike Mignola is up to something… and it’s got nothing to do with Hellboy.

The creator shared a very particular tease on Twitter earlier this week, announcing that he was “officially starting on my new comic” with an image of the very first page… well, a cropped image of the page that shows nothing other than print guidelines and the fact that the page is numbered “1.”

The tweet continued, “No idea when it will see the light of day but it’s a brand new thing (not Hellboy related), the first part of a much (much) bigger thing, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

All further details of the project remain unknown, but it’s a safe bet that any future project would be published by Dark Horse Comics, Mignola’s publishing home since 1993’s first issue of Hellboy. Beyond the vast array of Hellboy-related material he’s published through Dark Horse — including multiple BPRD series, Lobster Johnson, Abe Sapien, Frankenstein Underground, and more — he’s also released projects like The Amazing Screw-On Head, Baltimore, and other comics through the publisher.

Mignola’s artwork has been most recently seen as part of the crowdfunding campaign for an illustrated edition of Pinocchio from Beehive Books, which Mignola and longtime colorist Dave Stewart are providing the illustrations for. He remains co-writer (with Chris Roberson) on the Hellboy and the BPRD series of comics, with two new one-shot issues — 1957: Fearful Symmetry, and 1957: From Below — scheduled for release later this summer.

Expect more information about Mignola’s new book — which is to say, any information beyond its very existence — at some point in the coming months.

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