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Miles Morales co-creator Brian Michael Bendis is building a new future with Phenomena, and we have an exclusive sneak peek

The former writer of Avengers, Superman, and Jessica Jones teams with artist André Lima Araújo for his latest project

Phenomena 2: Matilde's Quest
Image credit: André Lima Araújo/Abrams

The world of tomorrow continues to take fantastical shape in the second volume of Phenomena, the YA sci-fi fantasy series from co-creator of both Miles Morales and Jessica Jones Brian Michael Bendis and André Lima Araújo, and Popverse has an exclusive look into the new book a month before it hit stores.

The new book continues the storyline launched in 2022’s first part in the trilogy, Phenomena: The Golden City of Eyes, which introduced Matilde, Boldon, and Spike - three kids who survived an unknown phenomenon in the future and are left looking for a new purpose (and some answers about what happened to the world, if they can find them) in a grand globe-trotting quest.

Phenomena 2: Matilde's Quest
Image credit: André Lima Araújo/Abrams

The publisher’s description of the new book runs like this: “Following their adventure in The Golden City of Eyes, Matilde’s Quest brings our trio to Valentia Verona (formerly London, England) - one of the most fantastical places on the planet. There, with the help of Boldon and Spike, her newfound friends, Matilde is determined to confront the reason she was cast from her home to wander the land in the first place. But as they stop at each village Matilde has been protecting along the way, they begin to realize that rumors of their exploits are more widespread than they imagined. They are becoming legend and folklore. And with their mythology comes new threats. In a world where story is currency, they are becoming a powerful force to be reckoned with... and, at the same time, attracting attention from both bounty hunters and forces of darkness beyond their understanding.”

In a statement, writer Brian Michael Bendis wrote, “Hello Popverse and welcome to our world of Phenomena. It’s the story of three friends brought together by an incredible phenomenon that has changed the entire world into a truly magical and inspiring place. What André has created here is one of the most beautiful comics I have ever been associated with. This gorgeous book is one for fans of comics at its most inspired and those looking to share something new and beautiful with your entire family.” 

“Phenomena is, above all, about excitement and creativity,” added artist André Lima Araújo. “My biggest hope with this story is that the adventures of Boldon, Matilde, and Spike infect the readers with the same feelings and make their imagination soar.”

Phenomena: Matilde's Quest will be released by Abrams April 23, but you don’t have to wait that long for a sneak peek — just look at the gallery below for some genuinely dynamic storytelling!

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