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Why do MCU fans love a villain like Loki so much? Tom Hiddleston has a good reason

Why do people root for Loki despite all the evil things he’s done? According to Tom Hiddleston, it’s all about vulnerability.

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Loki is one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is kind of insane. The character has committed numerous crimes, from mass murder to treason. He’s tried to kill his brother Thor on numerous occasions, he’s committed war crimes in order to seize Asgard’s throne for himself, and he impersonated his own father for years.

Despite all this, there is something about the God of Mischief that we can’t help but love. In fact, he’s so beloved that he got his own Disney+ series, which recently wrapped up its second (and possible final) season. Why do we love Loki?

Maybe it’s because Tom Hiddleston is a heartthrob. But is that enough to make people forget about Loki invading New York in Avengers? During a spotlight panel at Megacon 2024, Tom Hiddleston was asked about Loki’s appeal, and he chalked it up to the very first script for Thor.

“I think that it’s the primary emotion that’s at the center of him,” Hiddleston began. “I felt very fortunate in the first Thor film that I was given by the late great Don Payne, the screenwriter, extraordinary work. Very early on you got to see how lost, confused, and vulnerable this character was. His grievance was always rooted in grief. His rage was always rooted in vulnerability. Even when Loki is at his most destructive and his most villainous, I had a second to present what was behind all of his anger, what was behind all his misguided and destructive elements. Which I think the audience can latch onto and go, ‘Okay, he’s making some interesting choices. He’s not thinking clearly.’”

“I had a moment to reveal that at the center of this mask of detachment and coolness and mischief was actually a very lost and broken soul looking for meaning, which I think is something I managed to continue all the way up to the end of Loki season 2.”

When Hiddleston said these words, he was speaking to a packed auditorium at the Orange County Convention Center. The theater was at capacity, and many of the attendees had waited in line all day to see the actor. I think the crowd is a testament to the God of Mischief’s appeal. Would the theater have still been full if Don Payne hadn’t written Loki with that vulnerability? Only the TVA knows for sure.

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