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Haikyu!! The Dumpster Battle ending was wild, as cast describe the "breakneck speed" of it all

"This film really is what Haikyu!! is all about"

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Nationals. Karasuno vs. Nekoma. The time has come to see the highly anticipated match-up between these two underdog teams on screen... finally.

Haikyu!! The Dumpster Battle Movie is the first film in a two part project that wraps up the fan-favorite Haikyu!! anime. The Haikyu!! anime ran for four seasons, with the most recent season concluding in 2020. Fans have been anxiously awaiting the next chapter since and, while there may be some nerves as to how the films will wrap up the entire story in a relatively short amount of time, there's also a lot of excitement for this long awaited showdown - a very special showdown that also includes Hinata and Kenma, friends, rivals and complete opposites, going head to head in a game that is bound to stir up some feelings!

In an interview with Popverse's Veronica Valencia, the English Dub Cast of Haikyu!! The Dumpster Battle Movie, including Bryson Baugus (voice of Shoyo Hinata) and Clint Bickham (voice of Kenma Kozume) discuss their characters' relationship and "rivalry," the difference in the film's pacing, budget, and animation, and the satisfaction of a story well told.

You can watch the full interview above, and keep your eyes on Popverse for more from Haikyu!!

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