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John Cena is all that stands between Awkafina and Simu Liu in Amazon Prime Video's new Jackpot trailer (No, it's not a romcom)

On the plus side, Awkafina might be rich. On the minus side, she'll have to live to enjoy it

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John Cena in an action comedy with Awkafina and Simu Liu? From the director of underrated Melissa McCarthy/Jason Stratham comedy Spy? If that sounds as if you’ve won the lottery, congratulations — you’ve already guessed the plot of Paul Feig’s new movie, Jackpot.

Awkafina plays Katie, who wins the lottery in California only to find out that there’s a catch: state laws mean that, if she dies before the end of the day, whoever kills her gets to claim the prize… and Louis Lewis (Liu) really, really wants that bag. Enter Noel (Cena), who’s set himself up as an amateur jackpot protector, who might be the only thing standing between Katie and certain death. Suddenly, the phrase “your money or your life” takes on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it…?

The first trailer for the movie, which debuts on Prime Video next month, has dropped, offering a glimpse at the carnage ahead. Spoilers: you'll understand why the movie's original title was 'Grand Death Lotto' after watching. (Sure, Jackpot is catchier, but is it as descriptive...?)

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Also, can we talk about that great "How do we enter, John?" gag in the Jackpot closer?

In addition to Cena, Awkafina, and Liu, the movie features  Ayden Mayeri, Seann William Scott, and Dolly de Leon. Written by video game writer Rob Yescombe (whose credits include, I swear this is true, Rambo: The Video Game), Jackpot is directed by Paul Feig. Look for it on Prime August 15.

(And in the meantime, you really should go check out Spy, which probably has Jason Statham at his finest outside of that first Meg movie...)

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