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The most famous, infamous, and forgotten Marvel Studios cameos, from Stan Lee to Elon Musk (and a Fashion Police crossover, too!)

There are lots of familiar faces in the MCU - more than you might remember, in fact

Marvel Celebrity Cameos
Image credit: Marvel Studios

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with stars — and we don’t just mean the ones in the constellations protected by the Guardians of the Galaxy. While Marvel Studios has made the reputations of many of its leading actors (you know it’s true, Chris Pratt… or Chris Hemsworth… or even Chris Evans, if we’re brutally honest about it), there are all kinds of familiar faces to be found elsewhere inside the Marvel pantheon, especially where you might least expect them.

That’s right! We’re talking about the cinematic joy that is the celebrity cameo! Who doesn’t love the sight of someone who just outright doesn’t belong in a particular role just showing up and being distracting, even in retrospect? Marvel movies are filled with such cameos, especially if your definition of “celebrity” is “was in popular sitcom Community,” because so many cast members from that show have shown up in various Marvel movies across the years. We’re going farther and wider than just actors from that one show this time around, however, and looking at the highs, lows, and just plain weirds of celebrities showing up throughout the MCU so far.

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