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The Nosferatu trailer is here, just in time for "Hot Rodent Man" summer

This Christmas, Robert Eggers is giving us the ultimate rodent man gift in the form of Bill Skarsgård's Count Orlock

Image credit: Focus Features

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It's "Hot Rodent Man" summer, as everyone from your favorite TikToker to The New York Times will tell you. Robert Eggers and Focus Features are apparently making the most of this phenomenon, stuffing their first Nosferatu trailer with not just rat man Bill Skarsgård, but with, well, a bunch of rats. Watch it for yourself for proof:

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Out this holiday season, Egger's remake of the 1922 horror classic will continue to cement Skarsgård's statsus as horror hottie - one that a vocal group tumblr users will tell you he's already secured as Pennywise, and one that Lionsgate is already relying on to sell their reboot of The Crow. Skarsgård isn't the only goth crush in Nosferatu, though - Nicholas Hoult, who starred in last year's Dracula riff Renfield, and Willem Dafoe, who played original Orlock actor Max Schrek in the 2000 meta-horror Shadow of the Vampire, are also included in the credits.

In fact, pretty much the only major name in the trailer you see above that doesn't fit hot rodent summer is Lily Rose Depp, who joins the cast as Ellen Hutter, arguably the first final girl in horror cinema. That being said, is a hot rodent man even a hot rodent man without someone falling in love with them, as seems to be happening to Depp's character in this trailer?

We'll have to watch the movie to find out.

Unfortunately, Nosferatu won't actually be here for this season of Sciuromorpha - the film scurries into theaters this Christmas, December 25, 2024.

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