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The most famous, the most infamous, and most forgotten Marvel Studios' MCU recastings

Marvel's casting department has been like a wrecking ball with some actors and MCU characters

Miley Cyrus at Avengers: Endgame red carpet
Image credit: Marvel Studios

Recruiting superheroes for a big mission is a well-worn part of superhero stories - especially at Marvel Studios right now with Ms. Marvel's Young Avengers recruitment drive - but the recruitment behind-the-scenes to play superheroes seems even more intriguing.

From 2008's Iron Man all the way to Marvel Studios' latest movie offerings, there have been numerous instances of Marvel hiring one actor, then... for reasons... going back and replacing them and hoping fans will either not notice or not care. We're not talking about actor deaths such as the beloved and late William Hurt being replaced by Harrison Ford as Thunderbolt Ross following his death here - we're talking about re-castings for other reasons.

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