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Watch the My Hero Academia cast pitch their own anime

My Hero Academia's Aaron J. Roberts, Kristen McGuire, Clifford Chapin, and Kyle Phillips play Channel A

My Hero Academia from MCM Comic Con 2021
Image credit: ReedPop

Every wonder what anime voice actors would make if they could creat their own show? Wellm wonder no more as some familiar voices from My Hero Academia took center stage at MCM London Comic Con 2021, to play a little party game that is all about presenting the best, and maybe even a little ridiculous, anime series!

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Moderated by Dicebreaker’s Matt Jarvis, the panel featured Aaron J. Roberts (Kamui Woods), Kristen McGuire (Tatami Nakagame), Clifford Chapin (Katsuki Bakugo), Kyle Phillips (Denki Kaminari), and “Justin Briner.” The panel also featured members of Dicebreaker, Alex Meehan, Olivia Kennedy, and Maddie Cullen. These panelists play the game of Channel A, and through a series of categories from the deck and title cards from their hand, they work to pitch their show with the options presented to them, and then it’s up to the audience to decide who came up with the best sounding anime show!

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