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The voice of Naruto, Maile Flanagan, creates the ultimate list of BEST Naruto fights, characters, and more!

And the best Naruto vs. Sasuke moment is...

Can you believe it's been 20 years since Naurto debuted? Well... "Believe it!" Among the many anime series that have aired over the years, Naruto continues to be an influential force in the anime and manga communities. What may have started out as a boy wanting to be the best ninja, striving to become hokage one day, immediately grew into a story much larger than that, and full of epic fights and powerful character moments along the way.

Maile Flanagan (English dub voice actor for Naruto) has seen the show grow from the beginning, and has experienced all of those epic fights and character moments alongside fans. Joining Popverse's Veronica Valencia, Maile discusses the "Best of Naruto," sharing her thoughts on what are the best fights, characters, jutsus, and more from the series. Maile even touches upon some the most impactful fan encounters she's experinced over the years.

"The boys were both visual artists, and they had painted Naruto murals. All on the inside and the outside, elaborate murals, and it was to help them remember color."

You can our full interview with Maile Flanagan above!

Want more Naruto? You can watch Maile Flanagan's full spotlight panel here!.

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