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Netflix's Sandman will be returning for a second season

The long awaited announcement is here-- Sandman is coming back

Image of Neil Gaiman and Allan Heinberg with masked figure at Sandman Press event
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After an accidental leak by DC Comics' official twitter account and lots of conflicting rumors, it's been confirmed-- Netflix's Sandman will be returning for a second season.

On Wednesday, a tweet from DC Comics' account read: “The dream continues. [The Sandman] will return with new episodes based on multiple volumes of the Neil Gaiman graphic novel to explore even more stories of the Endless,” promising fans what they've been waiting for-- before being deleted. Later, Netflix officially made their announcement, and the official Netflix Sandman account confirmed the news for social media with a tweet that read "Yes, it’s true: The Sandman will return to Netflix" and featured a quote from Neil Gaiman about the project.

When Netflix's live action adaptation of the graphic novel Sandman first debuted in August earlier this year, it became the most-watched show on Netflix-- though those numbers didn't secure an instant renewal. Gaiman himself pointed out on twitter that the high streaming numbers in the first few weeks may not be enough due to the cost of the show, and that the streaming service seemed to be waiting for the first month of numbers before making a decision.

As three months went by, and with increasing news of Netflix's turmoil and continued cancellation of projects, it seemed less and less likely that The Sandman would get second season. However, fans of Sandman can rest easy now, knowing that it wont be too long before they return to The Dreaming.

Adapting the Sandman: changes from the DC/Vertigo pages to the Netflix screen

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