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The most popular Netflix TV shows of all time

Looking for TV shows to watch on Netflix? Here are the most popular shows on Netflix

Image credit: Netflix

Looking for TV shows to watch on Netflix? We have tabulated the most popular TV shows of all time on Netflix, using data from the service which tracks how much each TV show is viewed in terms of hours.

Stranger Things dominates the most popular Netflix shows charts, with the top spot for 2022's sfourth season and the sixth spot for season 3. Part of that uptick can be attributed to momentum due to the third season's popular, but also the uptick in the number of subscribers in the intervening three years.

The second spot goes to the most recent series on the list, Wednesday. This unique twist on Charles Addams' Addams Family franchise struck a nerve with fans, and in many ways took advantage of the success of Netflix's similiarly minded goth school subgenre that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina did so well in.

Here's a list of the complete top 10 most popular TV shows on Netflix:

Ranking Show name Hours viewed in first 28 days
1 Stranger Things, season 4 1352.09m
2 Wednesday, season 1 1237.15m
3 DAHMER: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story 856.22m
4 Bridgerton, season 2 656.26m
5 Bridgerton, season 1 625.49m
6 Stranger Things, season 3 582.1m
7 Lucifer, season 5 569.48m
8 The Witcher, season 1 541.01m
9 Inventing Anna 511.92m
10 Ginny & Georgia, season 2 504.7m
11 13 Reasons Why, season 2 496.12m

You might be wondering why this only lists Netflix originals, and not the array of other shows from other studios that are (or have been) on the streaming service over the years. Netflix-produced projects have something going for it movies made by others don't; as Netflix owns the rights, these shows are available on Netflix worldwide and in perpetuity - unlike movies which come and go over the years, and in some cases isn't available in Netflix worldwide.

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