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Netflix's Wednesday star Fred Armisen continues the tradition of shaving his head to play Uncle Fester

"I wanted to do it right and not have a bald cap or anything" said the actor

It's not uncommon to hear about actors taking big life-changing steps to prepare for their roles. Some will undergo intense training of some kind, or they will alter their appearance like dying or cutting their hair. When Fred Armisen was cast as Wednesday Addams' wacky uncle Fester in the Netflix show Wednesday, he could have worn a bald cap, especially considering his character only appeared in one episode, but he went a step further and decided to completely shave his head! I mean talk about commitment. It also felt fitting considering actors such as Christopher Lloyd and Jackie Coogan, who portrayed the beloved character in previous adaptations, also shaved their heads.

During an appearance at New York Comic Con, Fred Armisen spoke on a panel about capturing the vibes of the original TV show, and the steps he stook to make that vision come true.

"I did. I shaved my head," began Armisen. "I wanted to do it right and not have a bald cap or anything. So, I just shaved my head, and I was proud to do it." Armisen continued, "But yeah, it's a tradition. I think Fester is a tradition of the Addams Family."

You can watch Fred Armisen's full thoughts on Uncle Fester below:

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