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Netflix's Parasyte: The Grey surprise ending opens door for sequels, prequels, and a franchise based on the manga

Netflix’s new spinoff of the Parasyte manga reveals it’s a sequel as well

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Last weekend, Netflix shocked and thrilled fans of Hitoshi Iwaaki's massively popular manga Parasyte when they ended new spinoff series Parasyte: The Grey with the introduction of the manga’s lead character, Shinichi Izumi.

The six-part series, which debuted on April 5, seemed to be telling its own in-universe story of alien organisms which take up residence in human beings, almost always killing their hosts and becoming horrifying creatures able to radically morph the shapes of their heads. While the manga is set in Japan, Parayste: The Grey is set in South Korea, with its own original cast of characters dealing with the same infestation.

But then, at the very end of the first season, the show cuts to the headquarters of the Grey Team, who are working to eliminate the parasites. Team leader Choi Jun-kyung is informed of a visitor, an “investigative journalist” who is the ”top expert” regarding the creatures and comes bearing “very important information.” When she enters the Grey Team conference room, she’s met by a young Japanese man who introduces himself as Shinichi Izumi, and extends his hand.

How much time has passed since the end of the manga, and also the TV series? How did Shinichi end up here? What happened to Murano, his best friend and eventually girlfriend?

And, most importantly, what is the current status of Migi, the parasite living in Shinichi’s right hand, who had gone dormant at the end of the manga, supposedly forever so as to keep further Parasites from hunting Shinichi? We’re told absolutely nothing. The season simply ends with a slow zoom in on Shinichi’s right hand, suggesting Migi may be awake once more.

The news of this twist has driven audiences to the show. In less than a week, Parasyte: The Grey has knocked Netflix’s scifi blockbuster Three Body Problem from its top spot. As of yet Netflix has not said whether there will be a second season of Parayste: The Grey. But it certainly sounds like series co-writers Yeon Sang-ho and Ryu Yong-jae have a big story they’re ready to tell.