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Nickelodeon’s Double Dare off-Broadway show reunites original members alongside Marc Summers

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From its physical challenges to its slop, Double Dare was a show you never wanted to miss. Over the course of its run, the hit game show saw a few continuations such as Super Sloppy Double Dare and Double Dare 2000, with the latter introducing a new and different cast. Of course, in the mix of these contiunuations was also Family Double Dare. As families were coming together on screen to compete for prizes, the real prize was the family developing off screen as the cast and crew of the hit game show grew closer over the course of the series run.

Popverse's Veronica Valencia caught up with former host Marc Summers at New World Stages in New York City, ahead of the premiere of his off-Broadway show, 'The Life and Slimes of Marc Summers,' to discuss his experience with the musical producation, which includes the many talented people who worked to make this show happen.

"The team that started this off is with us here in New York. We didn't replace people," began Summers. "My feeling is if you believed in me and trusted me, you're the ones who got me here. Therefore, you should be a part of this."

Summers then goes on to share a meaningful story of how the family that was created on Double Dare has remained close to this day.

"And the other story is Robin Marella, who was my stage assistant, was all of 22/23 when we started. Her daughter, Casey is my assistant on stage, and she's the same age now that Robin was when I met her. So it's all family."

You can watch our interviews with the creative team behind 'The Life and Slimes of Marc Summers' below:

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