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NYCC 2021 | Zooming Through Space: A Starfleet Serenade with Redshirt

Thu, Oct 7, 2021 10:00 AM

Time Out New York Critics’s Pick 2015! Redshirts members – Catherine Wing, Heather Jewels Booth, Julia Lunetta, Melissa Parker Caron, Nicole Edine, Sloane Miller, and Susan O’Doherty – are intrepid improvisers who traverse the indie galaxy creating new life forms new civilizations and boldly singing what no team has sung before. We’ve performed at ComicCon/New York Super Week, Star Trek: Missions, Paley Center for Media Salutes Star Trek Festival, Big Apple Comic Con, Improv Fest, Flame Con, Virtual Trek Con, She Makes Me Laugh FemFest, New York Musical Improv Fest, PITFest, and IndieFest. When we’re not in festivals or cons or fan expos we perform regularly in NYC at: The People’s Improv Theater, PIT Loft, Broadway Comedy Club, Magnet Theater, and other venues around NYC.

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