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Just how big was NYCC 2023? The official count of every attendee is in

New York Comic Con 2023 is over, and now we know how many people were there

New York Comic Con 2023
Image credit: Getty Images/ReedPop

New York Comic Con 2023 was big - so big we're still recovering from it. From the fans to the celebrities to the vendors and more, it was a lot. How many? 200,000, that's how many.

That's the official NYCC 2023 attendance number ReedPop has released, which would be on par with NYCC 2022's numbers.

That 200k number keeps New York Comic Con firmly as the largest comic convention in North America. The next closest thing is Comic-Con International: San Diego. While the organizers haven't revealed official numbers, The Hollywood Reporter has said confidently SDCC 2023 had "about 150,000 attendees."

And while 200,000 people in a four-day weekend sounds like a lot, in some years when there wasn't COVID or a strike to worry about, it's been bigger. In 2019, the last NYCC before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, NYCC had an estimated 260,000 people in the bulding, according to a Publisher's Weekly interview at the time.

While NYCC retains the crown as the largest comic convention in North America (and Mexico, even), it's not the largest of all. But that's another story for another day.

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