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Follow Marvel's Avengers panel live from NYCC 2023

Get live updates from Avengers Assemble: A This Week in Marvel Special Event at NYCC

cropped cover of The Avengers
Image credit: Marvel (Stuart Immonen)

It's New York Comic Con 2023, and that means panels featuring the best and brightest comics creators from the biggest publishers. And Team Popverse is excited to be covering Avengers Assemble: A This Week in Marvel Special Event on Thursday October 12, 2023 at 3:15-4:15 PM Eastern.

Marvel's official panel description for Avengers Assemble reads "Agent M himself, AKA Ryan Penagos (VP & Creative Executive), returns to host a can’t-miss live edition of the This Week in Marvel podcast! Just in time for the Avengers 60th anniversary, join Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, along with writers Jed MacKay (Avengers) and Al Ewing (Avengers Inc), in a deep-dive discussion on Marvel’s mightiest line of comics: the Avengers! Get the scoop on the Avengers’ epic conflict with the Ashen Combine, learn more about the Wasp’s new style of avenging with the mysterious Victor Shade – and stick around to the end for an exclusive giveaway! Avengers fans, this one is for you."

With all the changes going on with the Avengers lately, this will be one you wont want to miss! Now if you can't make it into the room, no worries at all! You can follow along with our liveblog and get all of the tidbits from inside the room live!

Popverse will be providing wall-to-wall coverage of New York Comic Con 2023, with an all-star crew of writers, editors, and video producers there all four days (and nights), as well as in advance of the show. You can follow along to this coverage as well as the panels we're streaming with our NYCC Popverse coverage guide.
...and that's a wrap! Thanks everyone! Stay tuned to Popverse for more NYCC fun!
Will Miss Minutes join the 616? "I can't say for sure or not. We've seen Darcy come in. We've seen Alligator Loki come in. Never say never. She's been on covers. Only time will...pun intended" - C.B.
"If you could write any Marvel character, what would you write?" "I feel like I already have. I never have a good answer because I've gotten to work with the characters I really like" - Jed
The panel is sharing their favorite Avengers stories now... "House of M, becuase I have the original artwork at my house, so it's always in my head." - C.B.
Tom is asked what Avengers story people should go back and read.... "I think Geoff Johns Red Zone arc is a really great Avengers story that has been forgotten" - Tom B
5 minutes left, so they're doing a lightning round for audience questions.
Tom realized that Marvel's digital comics were read more when they were 10 parts or more. So the first Avengers United story (written by Derek Landy) will be 25 PARTS!!! "it's a big sweeping space epic" - Tom
New Avengers United series on Marvel Unlimited. It’s gone live now! Surprise!
Sorry Wi-Fi issues...but while we were gone this happened. Jed confirmed Strange and Clea are still married. “So Marvel doesn’t hate true love? Someone tell that to the Spider-Man fans” - C.B. Audience lauhgs and others groan “TOO SOON” someone shouts “Too soon? It was 20 years ago.” – C.B. replies
Sorry Wi-Fi issues...but while we were gone this happened. Jed confirmed Strange and Clea are still married. “So Marvel doesn’t hate true love? Someone tell that to the Spider-Man fans” - C.B. Audience lauhgs and others groan “TOO SOON” someone shouts “Too soon? It was 20 years ago.” – C.B. replies
Jed is bringing the room up to speed, in case they haven't been reading the title. (But you should, it's been great)
Doctor Strange time! Jed is also writing that. General Strange arc has been good.
"As Vengeance of the Moon Knight goes on, we'll be focusing on different characters with each issue. First issue is going to be Reese, second issue is going to be Tigra" - Jed
"who is this new Moon Knight, what are they getting up to, and how could they be stopped?" - Jed
Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1 comes in January. "We're seeing a Moon Knight on the streets that people might not recgonize." - Jed
Last Days of Moon Knight talk. "Jed, are you killing Moon Knight" - Ryan "This is Moon Knight running out the end of his clock. This is a much more final rest than Moon Knight might be used to" - Jed "I can't wait for you guys to see this, even though it will make you upset" - Jed
A.A.S.S. game is back... C.B. is picking his team. Molly Hayes as leader because he loves Runaways. Lila Cheney for musical purposes. D-Man so he can kill him on the first page. Natasha because she has a new role coming up. White Tiger because he loves the original. Darkhawk "the greatest character in the history of comics."
Out of context panels being shown. They are EXTREME close-ups. Ewing is teasing up to decipher them. "The third panel is the most improtant" - Ewing. (the third panel is a closeup of the cover of Thor's debut from Journey into Mystery)
Ewing reminds us that the Thor Corps is coming back. It will be comrpised of various people who have wielded Mjilnor.
C.B. says that everyone just got back from Marvel's creative summit before NYCC. It was their first in-person one since COVID. C.B. reveals that Ewing's plans go all the way up to issue 50! "What he has planned for this book is absolutely incredible. The energy we felt in the room for Al's plans was incredible!"
This came with a new design for Loki. Some coold design sketches from Martin Coccolo are on the screen now.
"We have Loki there in a new aspect as the Teller of the Tales. In the role of the Storyteller, Loki is absolutely Thor's enemy. That's how it has to be." - Ewing breaks down Loki's recent transformation at the end of issue 2.
Ewing is breaking down what's happened in the first two issues so far.
The idea is to pick your own Avengers team from a list. They will return to the game...but first it's Al Ewing Immortal Thor time!
Ryan is playing a game with the panel now...."Aseemble an Avengers Squad." He jokingly has the abbreviation A.A.S.S. on screen. The room is laughing at the joke.
Avengers #9 cover revealed, and it's an homage to the cover to Avengers #130 - Jed's childhood favorite. The leader of the Twilight Court (from the Timeless story with Kang) will also be coming back.
The Twilight Court will be heavily featured.
"The new arc is calling Twilight Dreaming" - Jed
"The Avengers save the world until they didn't. Things are not going great for our Avengers. The very cosmos is being eaten away as a result of their failure to save the wolrd" - Jed on the next arc.
Room is applauding as Stuart Immonem's cover for Avengers #7 is on display.
"He works better the less direciton I give him. He comes back with something far better than I expected, and it informs the way I write the characters," Jed on C.F. Villa.
Some cool artwork on display showing C.F. Villa's Ashen Combine designs.
Jed is recapping the first arc. He mentions brigning the roster down to "a manageable level."
Trailer being played now for Jed's Avengers run. Seriously, if you're not reading this book, go check it out. It's been great.
(Wi-Fi issues, so forgive me if things get slow. I think Kang is working behind the scenes to mess with my connection, but Popverse won't go down without a fight)
Now Tom is recalling his Marvel origins. He read Avengers #1 because he was a Fantastic Four fan. He saw they were in a few panels of the issue and decided to check it out.
he even corrected Jed on the page count haha. Tom's memory is a steel trap.
The panel is sharing their Avengers origin stories. Jed remembers reading Avengers #130 as a kid, and the strong impression it left on him. Like clockwork Brevoort described the cover.
Ryan is reminding us to attend the Avengers 60th anniversary digital event....happening winter 2023.
By the way, this panel is also celebrating 60 years of Avengers! Ryan Penagos is moderating. Here we go...
C.B. Cebulski, Tom Brevoort, Jed MacKay and Al Ewing have been seated. Let's get started!
By the way, who has been reading MacKay's Avengers? A city just joined the team in the latest issue. A SENTIENT CITY. It's wild.
Hi everyone! Jolly Joshua Lapin-Bertone here! It's almost time to begin. I'm pretty excited.

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

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