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Watch an expert's guide to pitching to create comics with NYCC Panel with Joe Illidge, Lysa Hawkins, Buddy Scalera, Nelson DeCastro, & Darren Sanchez

Watch the full New York Comic Con 2022 panel 'Editors on Portfolios, Pitching, and Professionalism' with Joe Illidge, Lysa Hawkins, Buddy Scalera, Nelson DeCastro, & Darren Sanchez

Editors on Portfolios, Pitching, and Professionalism
Image credit: Comic Book School

Comics are perhaps the most interesting medium of entertainment. How do I know this? Just look at the percentage of people who read comics that want to make their own. How to 'break into' comics is a constant question online and in person, and recently at New York Comic Con 2022 longtime editor/writer Buddy Scalera (of ComicBookSchool) organized a panel to get to the bottom of pitching, portfolios, and professionalism in comic books.

Scalera, along with panelists Joseph Illidge, Lysa Hawkins, Nelson DeCastro, and Darren Sanchez, talked for almost an hour about what they've learned from their nearly 100 years of combined comic book experience - the pitfalls, the successes, and the tips and tricks they've picked up along the way.

Popverse filmed this and many other panels at New York Comic Con 2022, and are making it available to Popverse members at the 'Fan' level (or higher).

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