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Show off your nerd knowledge at New York Comic Con's Trivia Night with Popverse!

Who doesn’t love some trivia? Even better, this one’s for the nerds (with some pretty great prizes)

Trivia Night
Image credit: Popverse

Sure, you think you know a lot about your favorite shows, movies, and comics — but how confident are you that you know enough? Team Popverse is here with a challenge for confident fans attending New York Comic Con 2023: Test your nerd knowledge on Sunday, October 15 with Popverse staff at New York Comic Con!

Yes, fresh from similar panels at Emerald City Comic Con and C2E2 earlier this year, we’re holding our own Trivia Night on Sunday, with Popverse’s own Veronica Valencia, Grant DeArmitt, Illianna Gonzalez-Soto, and Jeremy Ross holding court, asking questions, and preparing to stump as many people as possible. Bring some friends (or make new ones) to form a team of up to 6 people and try to answer as many questions as you can correctly. The winning team of 6 will each win tickets for all four days of New York Comic Con 2024, plus a Popverse Superfan Membership!

If that prize isn’t enough to get you interested — and, come on, the NYCC 2024 4-day passes alone should convince you to sign up — then just think of the rare opportunity to see so much of Team Popverse in the same place at the same time, which should be enough to get anyone to attend, bluntly. The ECCC and C2E2 outings for the trivia panel have proven to be some of the most fun that can be had at a convention panel (not least because of the music round; those who know will know), so consider this your chance to show up and win win win. (Hopefully. We can’t promise anything.)

Convinced already? Popverse Trivia is TOMORROW SUNDAY October 15 at 11:45 AM ET in Room 1D06. This event is in-person only, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Popverse will be providing wall-to-wall coverage of New York Comic Con 2023, with an all-star crew of writers, editors, and video producers there all four days (and nights), as well as in advance of the show. You can follow along to this coverage as well as the panels we're streaming with our NYCC Popverse coverage guide.