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If you have an Android phone or tablet, you now have a dazzling new app to read most of your favorite comics: Omnibus

The digital comics reader/store Omnibus has finally come to our Android devices

Image credit: Omnibus

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If you have an Android phone (and that's most of you, according to analysts), you now have a new way to read digital comics.

The comics reader/store Omnibus, which previously has been iOS exclusive, launched its highly-anticipated Android app today. And it's not just for those of us in the United States - it's worldwide.

"Omnibus ccouldn’t be more excited to finally release our app for Android," says Omnibus CEO/co-founder Travis Schmeisser. "It’s important to us that comics are more accessible in general, so we’ve been hard at work to give fans everywhere and on any platform access to the comics they love. This is a momentous occasion, as we now support every platform fans use."

With this, Omnibus opens itself up to an immense new reader base - over double what it had previously. According to the data analytics company Statcounter, Android devices account for roughly 70% of mobile devices worldwide, with iOS devices at 28%.

What is the Omnibus comics app?

Omnibus launched in mid-2023, with its first iPad roll-out available in May of that year. In the space of its first few months, the platform signed up a number of the the main players in the U.S. comics industry; with its current publisher line-up including Image Comics, BOOM! Studios, Dark Horse, IDW, ABLAZE, Ahoy, Archie Comics, Black Panel Press, CEX, Humanoids, Mad Cave Studios, Oni Press, Massive Publishing, Scout Comics, Silver Sprocket, Titan, Valiant and Vault. Omnibus has received venture capitalist investments of at least a million dollars to spur its growth. In March 2024, Omnibus rolled out a fully-rebuilt app for iPhones and other iOS devices.

What's going on with digital comics?

Omnibus' maturization into a digital comics reader/store on all major devices comes as the landscape for digital comics is relatively clouded. The longtime leader in digital comics reading, comiXology, was closed in late 2023 by its owner Amazon - insead pushing readers to adopt the Kindle app as a method for reading comics digitally. At the same time, Marvel Comics ended its exclusivity agreement with Amazon in favor of being a launch partner on VeVe Comics, a new digital comics service heavily tied into NFTs and digital collectibles.

Omnibus is now available on Android, iPhones, iPads, and via web browser.

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