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One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy voice actor confirms that, yes, the Gear 5 scene was her favorite to record

At C2E2 2024, Colleen Clinkenbeard describes a scene in the recording booth that was just as high-energy as the one in the anime

Image credit: Toei Animation

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"That was such a huge moment in the cultural Zeitgeist of One Piece and anime in general," says Colleen Clinkenbeard. "Everybody was hyped about it whether they watch One Piece or not."

Clinkenbeard was speaking at the One Piece voice cast panel at C2E2, and the moment she was referencing comes from Episode 1071, when main character Monkey D. Luffy uses his Gear 5 abilities, leading to one of the biggest action pieces of the anime. The scene was a smash hit with fans, and apparently, it was just as exciting for the voice actors recording it.

"We just put out our whole selves into it," Clinkenbeard says, "We stayed late nights, we watched it together as a group, I had two directors with me at that time. One of my directors, Emily, she brought in instruments. She brought in kazoos and drums, so that we could get in the mood of the Drums of Liberation."

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The Drums of Liberation, by the way, are the sound Luffy's heart makes while he is in his Gear 5 form - it's a key part of the One Piece soundtrack, and apparently an effective way to get the actors in character.

So how did it come out, in the actors' opinions? Clinkenbeard admits, "I was a little concerned, because I wanted to make sure that people liked it and I know that some people don't like everything." But even before she was out of the booth, the actress had high hopes for the scene, due in part to a test audience member that the directors had brought in.

"Anthony had me bring in my son," explains Clinkenbeard, "Because he said if we could make my son laugh, we were doing it right."

A great way to test consumer reaction, if you ask us.

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