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“My own bit of Star Wars” This cosplayer created his own Star Wars character to cosplay

Sometimes you have to write your own story.

A photograph of a cosplayer leaning against a wall
Image credit: Popverse

Jesse Jimenez is a cosplayer from Bakersfield, California who has traveled all the way to surprisingly sunny London to check out Star Wars Celebration. But Jimenez wasn’t satisfied with dressing up as any old Star Wars character from the movies, TV, or even the books. No, Jimenez decided to create his own Star Wars character to cosplay.

A photograph of a cosplayer holding a blaster
Image credit: Popverse

Jimenez’s character Wilburt Daycumber was once a trooper for the Rebel Alliance. After the first Death Star did its deadly deed, Daycumber abandoned the cause due to his family being killed by the Empire. “He’s like Obi Wan,” says Jiminez, as Daycumber goes undercover, changing his name to avoid the Empire’s wrath and then becoming a vigilante to fight for justice and protect his home. “He’s basically like Batman from the Star Wars universe.”

As for what inspired Jimenez to create his own Star Wars character, Jimenez got his inspiration from Rogue One, saying, “after Rogue One, there’s so many characters to explore.” He points out that in these movies there’s so many Rebel Troopers about, and one of them could be Wilburt Daycumber.

As for the costume itself, Jimenez describes it as “Naboo-style,” as Daycumber himself was born in Naboo, pre-Order 66 (the Imperial Order that called for the death of all Jedi). Much of his costume looks like a regular Rebel Trooper’s with the addition of a cape and a cowl (hinting at the Batman inspiration) which serves to hide Daycumber’s identity from the Imperial forces chasing him down.

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