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All Marvel Snap codes July 2024

The fate of the multiverse is at your fingertips.

Marvel Snap splash page
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Few games do a better job of bringing the entire Marvel comics universe together quite like Marvel Snap. The deckbuilding mobile game offers plenty of strategy with a healthy dose of luck, allowing you to put together a variety of winning decks of both heroes and villains. One of the best ways to ensure victory is to redeem any active Marvel Snap codes that are still active.

Marvel Snap codes usually net you Credits that you can spend on new cards to round out your deck or upgrade the cards you already have. There is usually a limit to how many credits you can get in a day, so redeeming these codes for Marvel Snap can give you a little boost when you need it. While some games like MTG Arena release new codes regularly, Marvel Snap codes are relatively rare so you'll want to snap them up as soon as you find them.

All Marvel Snap Codes

Active Marvel Snap Codes

Here are the Marvel Snap codes that are still active in the game:

  • There are currently no active codes in Marvel Snap

Expired Marvel Snap Codes

  • THXSNAPPERS – 250 Credits
  • SNAPININDER – 100 Credits
  • SNAP1111 – 100 Credits
  • MARVELSNAP7 – 100 Credits
  • SNAP2434 – 250 Credits
  • GAMESCOM – 500 Credits

How to redeem codes in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap code redemption page
Image credit: Nuverse
When new codes are confirmed for Marvel Snap, you can head to the code redemption webpage and redeem them.
  1. Find your Snap ID by clicking on the Settings button in the App
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the menu that appears and find your Snap ID at the bottom
  3. Enter your Snap ID on the redemption page shown above and click Confirm
  4. Type in the Marvel Snap code into the Redeem Code box and click Confirm
  5. The next time you load up the Marvel Snap app, the rewards should already be in your inventory.

Why won’t my Marvel Snap codes work?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any available codes for Marvel Snap, so any codes you attempt to put in will be expired. Once new codes are released, remember that they are case-sensitive. Any small typos will result in them not being recognized by the system.

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