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Our Flag Means Death cast reveals which shows they would like to crossover with

The Our Flag Means Death cast pitch some fun television crossover ideas

Photograph of Samba Schutte, Kristian Nairn, Nat Faxon, Samson Kayo, Matthew Maher in costume standing on an island in Our Flag Means Death, all looking in the same direction
Image credit: Aaron Epstein/HBO Max

We’re living in an age of multiverse crossovers, so why should Our Flag Means Death be left out of the fun? Max’s pirate comedy may not be part of any larger cinematic universe, but that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine what some crossovers would be like. During a panel at Florida Supercon 2023, the cast of OFMD pitched their own ideas, and they were just as wild as you might imagine.

Glee,” Nathan Foad playfully suggested. “That was a joke answer, but I think that was kind of a pretty good answer. And we would just be doing what they do on Glee, which is defy god.” Foad might have the right idea. Can you imagine the crew of the Revenge singing and dancing?

“Well, that’s not for me,” Kristian Nairn replied. “I think I would crossover with Wednesday. I’ll do a nice goth version.” Once again, a great choice. Wednesday Adams would probably have some great interplay with Blackbeard.

“I think we should do a crossover with What We Do in the Shadows. And we would all just do each other,” Con O’Neill suggested. “You would really break the internet with that,” panel moderator and Popverse video host Ashley Victoria Robinson replied.

Truth be told, all of these crossovers would break the internet in the best way possible. While a potential new season won’t be crossing over with any of these shows, it is fun to imagine what might happened if any of these worlds collided.

Our Flag Means Death's Rhys Darby says fantasy stories give us a place where “we can all love each other.”

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